Sobhagya Consultancy & Marketing Services -India - Partial list of Services

1. Business Management


Business Valuations

Cost Studies

Equipment Analysis

Capital Budgeting

Project reports 

New projects 



MIS installation and automation like ERP

Productivity and profitability enhancement

Local and overseas collaborations and investors 


2. Marketing

Marketing research including demand estimation , product attribute research , consumer profiling, competitors  information ,competitiveness , mystery shopping , product launch 

Identifying and developing domestic channels and overseas 

Other activities:

product design and functional audit

Quality inspection of all types of goods ,components and equipment

project control 

Liaison with Central and State Governments

Legal and contract drafting

Mediation and Arbitration

Projects and thesis examinations

Site election and recruitment 

3. Human Resource management

Performance Management

Technical and senior executive placement 

Corporate training and research 

Innovation within organisation 

Motivation skill improvement and productivity workshops 

World class operations strategy and readiness 

Trouble shooting of organisation problems